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Short Sales and Foreclosures

Today’s real estate market is dynamic. Through short sales and foreclosure properties, sellers and buyers have additional opportunities to sell or purchase homes that are a great value.

Sellers who think they are out of options

A REALTOR® with the SFR® certification can assist owners in understanding all of their options.

By evaluating each individual’s situation, the SFR®can:

  • Explain the differences between a short sale and a forclosure
  • Recommend finance, tax, and legal specialists
  • Suggest the seller seek foreclosure avoidance assistance
  • Alert homeowners to rescue scams

Buyers who open to unique opportunities

A REALTOR® with the SFR® certification can guide a buyer through the distressed property transaction.

Through the process, the SFR® will:

  • Describe the differences between a short sale and a foreclosuer
  • Counsel buyers and reduce risk
  • Guide the transaction from start to finish, including closing dates, inspection and appraisal expectations
  • Prepare the buyer for expected time frames for lender approval

Buying a Home

Finding the perfect property is just one way I can help you with your real estate purchase. I have ongoing access to experts in every related field, from lending to relocation. I will not rest until I have taken you through every step of the buying process.