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Monthly Archives: March 2023

    What Makes A Strong Offer!

    By Alex Owens | March 20, 2023

    What Makes A Strong Offer? When you think of a strong offer, the first thing you probably think of is putting in an offer over asking price. While this is one thing that can make a strong offer, it isn’t the only way you can present a strong offer. Here are a few things to... Read More

    Could buying a condo/townhome be right for you?

    By Alex Owens | March 3, 2023

    What does owning a condo or townhome look like? What is a condo/townhouse?  A condo owner only owns the interior space of their unit. Typically, you’ll have an HOA fee that you may pay monthly, quarterly or annually, that will help cover the maintenance for the exterior of the units. If you are looking for... Read More